Artist spotlight: Tina Tartaglia

Posted on August 10 2016

Meet the creator of our desert inspired logo and exclusive tee's:

Tina Tartaglia


When did you start becoming an artist?

I've been a creative being for as far back as I can remember. The moment I figured out how to pick up a crayon as a very small child it just took off from there! I don't think I took it very seriously though as far as making a career out of being an artist until I was about 15 when I first started selling my work.


What is your favorite style as a tattoo artist?

I have a great love for neo traditional work in the tattoo world. Though traditional will always be classic, I think it's incredible the lengths we've been able to take tattooing in this day and age and I hope to further contribute to that. I also feel like it's a style that gives way for a lot more creative freedom and as the wacky artist I am I'm all about that! But I also enjoy a lot of black and grey work, sacred geometry, and Japanese.



What inspires you?

Overall as an artist and gearing more towards my personal style I'd say I'm inspired by the "darker" or "creepier" things in life. I like to take darker elements and turn them into something that most everyone can find beautiful, a little twist in perspective. I absolutely adore gothic and Victorian architecture and try to incorporate as much of that into my work as I can, and of course anything you'd find in a Halloween store or Morticia Adam's house..


What do you hope to accomplish in the future?

There's probably a list longer than I could ever compile of things I hope to accomplish but at the top of that would be finding success in my artistic endeavors and growing a larger creative community wherever I go. Inspiring other people to be themselves and embrace whatever creative medium they're interested in. I'm a firm believer that the creative passion that fuels any artist (whether they be a fashion designer, photographer, musician, tattoo artist, painter, etc..) is essential to our growth and overall happiness as humans.


 Where can we find out more about your art?

For the time being you can find all of my current artwork on Instagram @TheLadyNoire



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