Return Of The Mermaids - Featured Artist Holly Randall From Flying Frog Illustration

Posted on August 25 2018

Every summer we are graced by the presence of the Mermaids. Tucson comes together in celebration of all under the sea creatures by dressing in their most magical sea attire and parading through the streets! Return of the Mermaids is a whimsical fantasy event created for all those who admire the Sea and all its magic.

In honor of the festivities this year we were happy to have Holly Randall from Flying Frog Illustration paint our windows. She is a local artist who is well known for her colorful whimsical style art that bring smiles to peoples faces. We were lucky enough to have her paint a gorgeous mermaid and under the sea setting on our windows. We wanted to know our featured artist a little better and asked her a few questions below. We hope you find inspiration from such a talented lady!

Why art?
It's the best way I know to communicate. I often fall short when trying to SAY what I mean, but I feel like I can always draw what I'm trying to convey. I have a hyper imagination and a refusal to be bored, I don't know what I would do without it.

What’s your background?
Ive been creating since I can remember. Formally though, I have a BFA in Visual Communications at the University of Arizona. I had a lot of great mentors and fellow peers in that program who pushed me to be the artist I am today.

Who are your biggest influences?
Video Game art has always been a big one. My favorite artist being Yoshitaka Amano and his conceptual designs for the Final Fantasy Series. He is a Wizard. I was also raised on a healthy diet of Disney growing up with a particular connection to many of the films released during the Disney Renaissance. Love 2D animation! There are too many brilliant artists connected to those flicks to name.

What’s your favorite place to see art?
Ever since joining the Comic Con community I would have to say seeing art in that context is pretty amazing. There are so many talented people who attend those events and getting the opportunity to gush over your favorite artist at their booth is the stuff that creates wonderful memories.

What does your work aim to say?
I used to be really emotional when making art. I would span from making art that was beautiful to art that was very dark. I realized the dark stuff was really unsettling to me looking back. Talking with an artist peer of mine we began to discuss what we wanted to put out into the world. Looking around I realized there was enough darkness being spread out there and that I wanted to be a champion of Whimsy. Almost all my pieces in my ongoing Remixed Series have characters that are drawn to look Blissful. Even if they are villainous in their nature I still enjoy seeing them in scenes with whimsy and magic. If my work can make you smile, I've succeeded.

How have you developed your career?
I went through the motions, you know? I did all of the things I was told to do to be successful in my field. Like going to college, applying for internships at all of the companies that I was promised would be hiring people with my skill set,  approached galleries and the like. None of those things really worked for me. It wasn't until I stopped listening to the chatter and started taking control of my own destiny that I saw results. Traveling the Comic Conventions was also a turning point in my popularity. That's the right kind of exposure.

What role does an artist have in society?
I have always loved how art can bring together people and create friendships. Some of my favorite conversations were discussions of the artistic process in film, theatre, dance and the fine arts.

What suggestions would you give a amateur artist who is seeking to make a living off of their art?
First and foremost: DON'T ever fall into the black hole of comparing yourself to someone else's art. You are only in competition with yourself. Plus, if you're too busy creating art the way someone else creates art then your really not crafting YOUR style. Also, its never to soon to start showing your art. Even if you only have 1 image, start showing it off!

Where do you sell your work?
As I have mentioned the Comic Conventions are a great place to build capital and establish a fan base. Online is always good too. And now for a limited time: At Razorz Edge.

You can now see her work on our windows for the entire month of August. We also have originals, and prints available in store! Come support your local ladies!

You can find Flying Frog Illustration on Facebook and Instagram!





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